Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy sets out the acceptable use of our services and website which we require you the user, to comply with in order to receive our services.

You may not use our services:

  • to breach the law;
  • to cause (directly or indirectly) damage to any persons property;
  • to cause discrimination towards us or other individuals or corporations;
  • for prohibited or potentially prohibited content (as defined under the law);
  • in connection with restricted content (as defined under the law)
  • to be obscene, defamatory, offensive, abusive or illegal purposes towards us or other individuals or corporations;
  • to infringe upon a third party rights; or
  • to spam, hack or participate in any other similar activities.

In any of the above circumstances, or any other circumstances in which we deem that you are intentionally or unintentionally may be harming our reputation or name will result in immediate cessation of providing services to you.